Transcends is the first ever iOS app that I have developed. The intention is to provide a tool which allows us to to stay focused on our goals. Especially today, when there are a million different distractions, we need to find ways to keep ourselves on track. What Transcends does is store all of your goals in the form of “mantras” and provides an outlet to focus your energy on pursuing your goals. Napoleon Hill, one of my favorite authors mentions in his books that for one to achieve their dreams, they must create “definite chief aims” and continuously keep them in their mind. Through reading and reviewing the mantras consistently, the goals that you have created become ingrained into your mind through what Hill refers to as “auto-suggestion.” Combining these two concepts and adding a firm plan to achieve the goals is one of the keys to success.

This is a tool and technique that I have personally used and I can say that with it I have accomplished so much. I truly believe that it will be useful for those who have dreams and truly want to accomplish them. When you apply yourself and accomplish your dreams, I believe you have transcended into a higher state of being. I hope that you all find it helpful!

If you have goals you truly want to accomplish, please download Transcends. Every download helps me tremendously. I am very open to feedback, so if you have any feel free to share. I will do what I can to make the experience more enjoyable and more impactful.

Best Wishes,