Science is Amazing, but Humanity… Im not convinced

Hi! Welcome to my very first blog, so please bear with me. I need to practice my writing abilities and Im not exactly sure what I should talk about, but I feel it should be the thing that my life essentially revolves around: Science. Im not sure about your opinion on the matter, but I think life is incredible. The way it works, the fact that we even exist, the fact that we have the ability to ponder our existence. These are all things that are absolutely fascinating to me.

Nature is by no means perfect, but what it has come to be through the millions of years of evolution is really inspiring. One common theme that you will notice is the abundance of systems. One single fundamental element is useless, but when you start bringing these fundamental elements together, miraculous and beautiful things start to happen. Suppose you start with one fundamental element: the proton (there are things more fundamental than protons i.e. quarks, gluons etc, but for simplicity a proton is a good place to start). One proton is what we call Hydrogen, two protons: Helium, and so on. Each of the elements that we see on the periodic table are simply permutations of the fundamental particles: protons, neutrons, and electrons. So if you have 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons, you have what we call Carbon and it continues.

Once you have the elements formed, nature begins combining them into larger objects called molecules, which interact with other molecules to create larger and larger molecules. We get things like proteins, nucleic acids, fatty acids etc. These big molecules come together to form their own local ‘ecosystem’, also known as cells. These cells in turn begin to interact with each other, and soon enough you form another set of systems which are tissues, which then create larger systems, like our internal organs. And in order for us to live, these organs must work together in an extremely complex manner to form yet another system. Eventually, the human body is formed.

This entire process is guided by the laws of physics. The interactions either happen because of the particular ‘energy’ state they are in (thermodynamics) or by this abstract concept known as entropy, which relates to a system’s ‘disorder’. If i’m being honest, entropy is not so intuitive, at least to me it isn’t. Entropy is however, extremely important for life and the materials that exist around us.

The long winded point that i’m trying to make is that the transition from a fundamental particle to a living, thinking being is a truly remarkable one. And I think everyone should be aware of the journey, because it is just so profound and inspiring. But as profound as the journey may be, the way that we have chosen to live and act as a society is such a let down. I honestly think that our society is plagued by such ridiculously stupid problems. There are times where I think that these millions of years of evolution might have been a total waste because we do incredibly stupid shit. We kill each other for stupid reasons, we blindly destroy the planet without thinking about the consequences, and we do a whole bunch of other things, which are upsetting.

We have so much potential, but it seems that it is being wasted on the things that are not important. There are beacons of hope and there are many people who are genuinely interested in improving society, but I believe that the vast majority of society are complicit in the state we are in. I think individually we understand, to some degree, what is right and wrong, but for some reason when we bring many people together, things just go awry. To me that is very interesting, and I do not yet understand why that may be the case. I may be completely wrong though.

Anyway, thank you for reading. If you have anything you would like to add, drop a comment. I would love to read what your opinion may be.


Best to Everyone!!